Introducing Smoke x Mirrors (original post published August 16, 2016)

I’ve been in the eyewear industry for nearly a decade now. My career has taken me from optical sales, to administration, to full-time Optometry, and all have granted me a front row seat to the last decade of emerging eyewear. Some of these brands feel repetitive and mundane, speaking to those that fear change (or appreciate their classic go-to), while others feel fresh and edgy….

And then… then there are those that change the game.

Imagine a line of distinctively trendy sunglasses – beautiful acetates, classic metals; created in New York, handcrafted in France. Envision them made with high quality materials, while still affordably priced. Like pieces of art, this eyewear is inspired by the music of various eras and genres – be it late 60’s Italian pop, or the flamboyance of 1970’s American RnB.

Sounds like the eyewear aficionado’s dream, right?

Cousins David Shabtai and Roi Ironi have brought those dreams to life with their line Smoke x Mirrors, a Soho based brand launched in 2014. These structurally superior frames are undoubtedly pushing the boundaries of the eyewear industry – their eclectic designs will make you sit up, and take notice.

“In a market filled with noise, Smoke x Mirrors creates music”

The model pictured here is the Rocket 88 – inspired by the pre-rock n’ roll styling of 1950’s Memphis R&B. The classic shape, paired with mirrored lenses makes this piece timeless, with just the right dose of sass.

“Objects too, can have soul.” – Smoke x Mirrors

Don’t just take my word for it. Check them out for yourself–> Smoke x Mirrors

xx, The Monocle Muse

Photography by: The Caffeinated Camera