Discovering Dharma Eyewear Co. (original post published June 29, 2016)


If trendy, affordable and well-made eyewear is something you’re into, let me introduce you to my recent discovery – Dharma Eyewear Co.

What is the meaning of “Dharma”? “Dharma” is the Sanskrit word for responsibility, duty or “the path”. The Dharma team, including founder Dhruv Jagasia, has taken on the duty of producing eclectic, high quality, ethically-crafted products that impact their customers in a positive way. Their hope, is to inspire others to explore new perspectives, live more sustainable lives and work together to create a better World.  Dharma Eyewear practices what they preach by using sustainable material to produce their frames. And nothing goes to waste, as the leftover raw materials used by Dharma’s manufacturers are melted down and re-used to make new frames. Their products are also supplied by factories that have high standards of labor – safe working conditions, overtime pay, social insurance, etc.

At this point I bet you’re thinking that you’re going to have to fork over all the coin you’ve been saving for that Summer vacay to snag a pair of Dharma frames. Nope! All frames start at just $99 and have a lifetime warranty! But wait… It gets better. This is the part I love the most… 5% of the profits are donated to Optometry Giving Sight – a non-profit organization that provides eye exams and eyeglasses to those less fortunate in developing countries around the World (insert heart emoticon here).  So you’re not only improving your own sight with a new pair of Dharma glasses, you’re helping others improve their sight as well – #winning.


The frame I’m wearing here is the Devi in leopard. “Devi” is Sanskrit for “divine feminine”.  This flirty cat-eye piece was designed with the hope of “inspiring you to find your inner goddess” (I mean… so much yassss!).

So which style are you going to treat yourself to? Click here to shop the collection.

xx, The Monocle Muse

Photography by the ever-talented Whitney Krutzfeldt