About the monocle muse

My journey as The Monocle Muse began as a creative outlet to pursue my passion of photography, writing and fashion; a form to highlight my most loved accessory - EYEWEAR (cue heart emoticon here).

Truth be told, this love affair with specs didn’t always exist. At age 14, I was horrified at the geek look I had to endure at that age. But luckily, my teenage years are behind me, it’s 2019, and well, geek is the new chic… and weird is the new cool (thank you hipsters)!

Although eyewear has made leaps of progress in the fashion world, I feel as if the stigma towards everyday eyewear still exists. It shouldn’t. People should get excited about their less-than-perfect vision!  It means they get to add another facet to their personal style. And the population of us “four-eyed” beauts continues to grow. According to research done by the Vision Impact Institute, three out of four individuals in the US have vision correction. That’s huge! So let’s get excited about this!

Why do I care so much about wanting to change popular opinions about eyewear? I’m an Optometrist based in Manhattan. I encounter people every day that are disheartened when they hear the words “you need glasses." I have yet to receive a high-five when I deliver that news. Let’s change that. Let’s change the perception. And a few more high-fives wouldn’t hurt either.

With this blog, I hope to inspire new ways to pair eyewear with street style trends. I hope to introduce you to some very cool, independent eyewear brands that are emerging in the optical industry. And sprinkled in, I hope to share some insight about my roots, my lifestyle in fabulous New York, and my globetrotting escapades, because, well, that’s fun too. But the FOCUS is the eyewear… (see what I did there? eh eh…. okay I’ll stop.)

Enjoy the journey with me, and feel free to leave me feedback along the way.

With a hope to inspire,

xx, The Monocle Muse

contact:  sophia (at) themonoclemuse (dot) com

SOPHIA (Alter ego: THE MONOCLE MUSE)    Indian by blood, Canadian by birth, New Yorker in spirit


Indian by blood, Canadian by birth, New Yorker in spirit