Gratitude for the ones that make it all possible - my photographers

It's very easy to admire the beautiful photos we scroll through of our favorite bloggers/models/celebrities without ever stopping to think about the work of the photographers who captured these precious images.  In this season of gratitude, I want to take a moment to applaud the ones that truly make it possible for me to do what I love!  To each of you who has helped me grow The Monocle Muse - I appreciate you all.  Thank you for your commitment to your craft, your belief in me and mine, and your tolerance for my nit-picking and impatience with edits -- I am beyond grateful for all your support.


ALI REZA MALIK (@yeahokayali) - amongst being one of the most brilliant photographers I have worked with, Ali wears many hats - the artist. the graphic designer. the videographer. the brand strategist. the avid reader. the geek. the conversationalist. the loyal friend.  Check out his work here.

KIM GERONIMO (@thestreetsensei) - a firecracker in every sense of the word. This asian energizer bunny is not only a talented photographer and frequent globe trotter, but she possesses a vision that makes her unparalleled at her craft.  Oh yea, and don't even try to touch her instastory game.

NEIL BRITTO (@itsneilb) - I recognized Neil's talent very early on in my blogging career. He was one of the first photographers I wanted to work with because his aesthetic completely mirrored my own.  Although he never responded to my dorky, overly-professional first cold-email to him, we became fast friends as soon as we met, and he remains one of my favorite people to work with.  Check out his work here.


For those of you looking for talent for your next project, event, or personal shoot, I hope your search is over.  

xx, The Monocle Muse

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