Woodzee: Where nature meets style (originally published September 2016)

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I may be a big city girl, but having been born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada, nature has always been a big part of my World. Whether it was spending weekends hiking the trails in Banff or spending a night camping under the stars, being in the great outdoors was where I was the happiest.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to come across Woodzee – an eyewear line that marries style and nature.  These beautiful frames are made from various materials found in nature including oak, bamboo and buffalo horn, and treated with a light wax finish in order to protect them against water/sweat damage.  This American produced line definitely practices what it preaches when it comes to Mother Nature – when you’re ready to change up your look, Woodzee’s recycle program allows you to recycle your old pair of sunglasses and get 40% off your next order (you win, they win and our planet wins)!

The style featured here is the Joshua Tree sunglass made with ebony wood and metal accents.  Apart from being wildly in vogue, these mirrored lenses are made from CR-39 and offer 100% UV400 protection – I meannn… there is no better justification for a purchase than when fashion meets function.

xx, The Monocle Muse